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11 Tips for Nomadic Adventurous Freelancers

Be prepared for your nomadic adventures with some tips to get you on track

We all talk of packing up things, choose a country, grab our laptop and start a life as a Digital Nomad.  As exciting, adventurous and effortless it looks (and it could be), there are a few tips, suggestions, ideas that could help to inspire Digital Nomad and those already on the road. We are all individuals and we need different things as we travel and we all develop and choose our style while balancing working life

Your thirst for adventure and travel, just become enhanced when you get some systems in place. The following 11 tips will give you some small (and big) hints and hacks that you may find very simple but super helpful reminder. Let’s jump right in!

The following tips are for freelancers but can be mapped across to most location independent workers:

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11 tips & Hints for adventurous Freelancers & Location-independent workers
TIP 1: Schedule

Schedule your tasks, your meetings and your deadline, create a system that suits your style, write things down, use and set

alarms and plan in advance your days for each client, be clear about the best time frame and hours dedicated to work, time to travel that does not interrupt your system, Automate where you can.  Schedule some time for everyday activities, cooking, shopping etc

TIP 2: Go deeper

Slow down, stop for longer in places. Go deeper into the place, the people, the

culture and get time to find your balance.

If you are not travelling for a couple of weeks; you don’t need to rush and stress

to fit everything you want to see, do experience. Spend long enough in a place

to feel familiar with it, find how things work better for you in terms of location,

time, space. Explore and try.

TIP 3: Community

Find communities of locals and ex-pats.

Connect with people. Find groups that live a similar lifestyle and others

that don’t. Keep your mind open, be curious and motivated. Exchange point of

views, tips and ideas.

Chalet Nomad France
TIP 4: Live Responsibly

Live responsibly and ethically. Respect and protect the places where you will

spend time, remember you are still a guest for as much as you will spend in

one location, you are still an outsider, be aware of the impact you have on people,

how you behave, how you talk, how you will be perceived by them.

Train your empathy and you will have a long, happy life on the road!

TIP 5: Be a Minimalist

Embrace a minimalist lifestyle, it will help you find your balance and cut out the


Once you will start packing all the necessary for your life in a small bag you will

realise how important it is to think carefully about every single item. Choose

things that can have different use and purpose. Opt for high quality, sustainable,

eco-friendly materials, clothes that represent you and you can transform

for other occasions.

TIP 6: Be Patient

Be patient, flexible and open-minded towards yourself and the environment and your clients.

It might take time to adjust to a new routine on the road, to find a place we like

and where we would like to spend time. Be patient, especially towards yourself.

Finding balance requires time and dedication, baby steps will take us there!

TIP 7: Experiment

Try and experiment! There are a lot of different options for staying, not only

guesthouses or apartments. Farm Stay, Yoga Retreats, Mountain Huts, Surf Retreats there are

endless options to try for long-term stays and the best thing is that you will meet like-minded

communities and have a lot more to share with people around you.

TIP 8: Visas & insurance

Make sure you are aware of visas, covid restrictions and check your travel insurance.

You don’t want to spend time through bureaucratic websites and offices. Try to

find information in advance, be prepared and ready, always have a plan B and

C (and maybe a Done as well!)

TIP 9: Routine

Define, keep and follow your daily routine. It will help you in finding stability

and balance and set boundaries for your working (and not only) life.

TIP 10: Be Curious

Go to places and countries you are fascinated and intrigued by. Learn about

the culture, the traditions and the basics of the language, history, customs, religion, food etc.

of the place where you will be staying. Be curious, exchange

knowledge, ideas, recipes with locals, make them part of your new life.

TIP 11: Get excited

Get Excited! the best, most helpful tip is probably just to ‘be excited, be passionate, have fun.

Follow your gut, always! The rest will come naturally.

Where do I stay as a location independent worker?

Digital nomads like to travel and explore but moving slow and becoming a slow traveller and staying longer (generally 1-3 months) and finding nomad friendly stays can be tricky. Nomad Stays simplify this by making it easy for you to book instantly.

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Happy Adventures!

Ali Pontini

Love Alice Pontini Freelancer, Adventurous digital nomad who loves to go off the beaten track, Tour leader.

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