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2021 The Year of Nomad Growth

Stronger Relationships for 2022 & Beyond

Hi there

It’s Mark, the Founder of Nomad Stays, checking in.

It’s 23 months since we launched Nomad Stays, and we would not have been so successful without your great support. So please accept a huge thank you from our whole team here.

When we opened last year, the idea of ‘digital nomads’ was still a relatively small market of around 3-5 million travellers building remote careers.  Then covid changed that. 

Estimates are now that there are 50-100 million + ‘digital nomads’ or ‘location independent workers’ hoping to start travelling and working next year and growing.  I say growing as long-haul travel and working overseas is still variable and proving to be an expanding growing market yet to reach its potential.

To keep you in the loop, I just wanted to update you on some of the hard work going on here at

Nomad Stays Quick Summary

  1. Consistent Strong Growth 40% membership growth x 7 quarters
  2. New branding and new look logo
  3. Market Update – Don’t miss this one from industry experts
  4. How to Keep your listing current
  5. Get featured on our YouTube channel
  6. Growing community on Meta (Facebook) that you are welcome to join.
  7. New Community Forum for the website
  8. Trusted Local Ambassadors Coming to you soon
  9. Telegram Group for all Stays to join

And all this means nothing if you are not here as an industry leader. We only choose a select few stays we don’t take everyone so you are a very valued partner. So stay connected and grow with us.

_____________________________________________________________(See below for all the juicy details)

Since opening, we’ve consistently grown a little over 40% on average every quarter year.  For seven quarters in a row now too.  Even though the hardest of covid lockdowns, we’ve grown our registered members to many thousands now.

Growth is always excellent news as it shows the value of a purpose-built platform like ours having strong resonance in the nomad market and with work-ready Stays.

1. Strong Growth

Today, we have the fastest, most affordable system on the market that allows a digital nomad to find and book you, or one of our other Stays.  This is a massive convenience for nomads who travel a lot.  Our Mission is to make it simple and easy, rather than time-consuming multiple emails or requests with long waiting periods to make a simple booking. Nomads want to book and confirm.

Most importantly for you as the Stay owners, we’re delivering a super-efficient, commission-free system to fill your empty rooms and increase more returns.

You’ll now find Nomad Stays in 62 countries!  Which gives a lot more choice for nomads exploring the world.

Please reach out to our team on social media or the Stays instant chat on the website.

And please vote for us in Travel Massive’s Hot Travel Startups for 2022

In line with our growth and value proposition for people like digital nomads exploring the world, I’m pleased to give you an early look at our new logo …

The new image is to resemble the passport stamp you get when you cross many foreign borders.  Big travellers love collecting these stamps as they become a badge of honour as to how much of the world they’ve explored.

The little QR code in the corner is an indicator of the increased use of technology that travel has in 2021, and how computing power helps travel so much more now.

You’ll also notice our new tagline – “Life Unlimited” to recognise the dream of many of our members to get more out of life than just occasional travel experiences.  To recognise their dream to both, build a career, and experience all the joys of travelling different countries, meeting different people and having even more unique experiences.

3. Market Update

I think everyone can see that the covid-19 pandemic is not over yet.

As I write this email, I see much of Asia is still not yet open for travellers.  We’re also seeing major infection rate hikes in countries like Bulgaria and Romania for example.

I left Bulgaria a few months ago after spending 2 glorious months there with virtually completely open bars, restaurants and great festivals going on.

I talk about this to highlight how changeable the international travel market still is.  Countries and regions that are open today may close again soon.  And closed countries, like the USA and Australia, are only now beginning to open.

The message here is to remain ready for changes in demand.  Both good and bad changes.

Make changes in your business accordingly. Maybe you want to give a great price for longer stays if you think your short stay demand will disappear.  Maybe you’ll want to change the allocation of rooms from short stay to longer stay.  At the end of the day keeping some money flowing through the business is the goal.

In terms of the digital nomad market overall, the volume of digital nomads that existed before the pandemic hasn’t returned yet across the board.  But at the same time the prospective numbers of nomads has gone through the roof.

Certain countries are doing better than others though.  Similarly, the promise of a new wave of newly remote workers is starting to happen in various locations.  For instance, with direct flights from New York to Madeira started recently we’re expecting a good amount of business for Madeira, and maybe Portugal in total.

Other countries are creating ‘digital nomad visas’ to attract DNs and ex-pat, remote workers.  There is something like 40+ countries now with some form of digital nomad visa.

With border crossing still a bit difficult (I’ve crossed 11 borders this year and can attest to increased issues).  Many nomads are looking to travel across borders a little less but are still exploring different areas within countries, subject to visa and tax restrictions

4. Keeping your listing current

As you’re aware Nomad Stays operates with Instant Booking. 

Which means to keep yourself listed you need to ensure you have made both Rooms available to us as well as Package Prices available.

  1. Package Prices is the most important.
    • You’ll need to ensure you have given us prices for at least some period into the future. 
    • Once your packages expire, you’re listing automatically disappears and you miss out on both marketing and potential bookings.
  2. Sometimes you’ll have active Packages and no current rooms available.
    • That’s OK for short periods but obviously, you won’t get any bookings if there’s nothing to book.
    • You’ll need to ensure there are rooms available at some point in the future to us to take bookings for you. 
    • Our system automatically blocks bookings being made for nights where there are no rooms available so you can rest assured that if you’re up to date there’s no double ups.

5. Stay Interview Videos

Have you been lucky enough to get your Stay featured on our YouTube channel yet?

As you browse through our other interviews, you’ll see we’ve been profiling Stays and Hosts for some time now.  It’s a great way to show off your personality and hospitality.

Drop Lena, our (Stays Community Manager) a message (via our Chat function on the website or if you’d like to schedule a live chat on Instagram.

6. Private Facebook Group

Before making a booking many nomads engage and ask questions with prospective Stays on social media.

Facebook Groups are a great way to have a public, 2-way conversation about your Stay, or to make announcements of new features, packages, events etc.  And Nomad Stays is no different 

Our private Facebook group is named “Digital Nomad Explorers Co” and as a Stay partner you’re more than welcome to join and engage with our following on Facebook.

You can share your Stay from the Nomad Stays website and fun photos to let people know about events in your area or other fun destination happenings.

7. New Community Forum

Get involved!

Just rolled out, you can now post events or great things happening in your destination to help nomads get in with booking early e.g Web summit or festival of wine etc. Helpful information for nomads to come to your area.

The community forum is a positive place to learn more about other events and things happening around the world, new additions or information just released and where your Trusted Local Ambassadors will hang out too.

8. Trusted Local Ambassadors (coming)

So what is a Trusted Local?

Trusted locals help you with a soft landing. They can help you with information when you arrive or even before. They are skilful people who have local connections and can help you get connected.

Why do you as a Stay owner care about Trusted Local Ambassadors?

These new ambassadors will be working with you to help you and the coworking spaces build relationships with local business owners for the local community.

A trusted local is someone you can build a relationship with and they are always happy to help. Stay connected with a Nomad Stays Trusted Local for Meetups and events, happening in your area and help them stay informed.

9. Telegram Support Group

If you were with us last year you’ll remember we put together a Telegram based support group for Stays when Covid hit hard.

Happy Holidays!

All the team at Nomad Stays wishes you a happy and sunny holiday season to you and your families.

Let me wrap up with another big thank you to you, our Stay partners. 


Mark is the Founder of Nomad Stays. He is an Australian entrepreneur and traveller who has explored over 100 countries. A keen adventure motorcyclist he rode the Silk Road for his 50th birthday, has backpacked throughout Africa a number of times and visited many Pacific Islands.Trained as a Chartered Accountant and having worked in the tech industry for giants including Apple and Microsoft, he has a unique insight into the impacts of technology and business. His first travel company, MudMaps, enjoyed numerous industry awards and taking thousands of clients from around the world into the Australian outback.Mark has lived as a digital nomad for over 8 years and is currently in Europe.

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