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Why Sicily, Italy is Perfect for Digital Nomads & Full Time Travellers

Why would you choose to add Sicily, Italy for your next destination to live and work from in 2024? Sicily is a dream destination for digital nomads looking to combine work with leisure in a culturally rich and stunningly beautiful environment. The currency being Euro makes it easy to foreign travellers. Also having recently added a welcoming visa policy for digital nomads, delectable divine cuisine, and myriad attractions, great longer stay options, Sicily stands out as an ideal base for remote work. Let’s explore why this Mediterranean gem is a must-visit for digital nomads.

Sicily Water


Italy uses the Euro (€), which is widely accepted and easy to exchange. Digital nomads will find that their money goes a long way here, especially when enjoying local delicacies or exploring the island’s attractions. ATMs are readily available, and most establishments accept credit and debit cards, making financial transactions straightforward and convenient.

Digital Nomad Visas

Italy has recognized the rise of remote work and offers a “digital nomad visa” specifically designed to attract professionals who can work from anywhere. This visa allows non-EU citizens to stay in Italy for an extended period while working remotely. The process involves proving your remote work capability and securing appropriate health insurance, making it relatively easy for digital nomads to settle in Sicily.

Magnificent Food

Sicilian cuisine is a feast for the senses. Known for its fresh ingredients and bold flavors, the food here is a highlight for any visitor. From arancini (rice balls) and cannoli (sweet pastry filled with ricotta) to the famous pasta alla Norma and seafood dishes, there’s something to tantalize every palate. Street food is also a big part of the local culture, offering delicious and affordable options for meals on the go.

Picture of Sicily church in the background and table with Gelato and pastySTUFF to See & Do Recommended By a Local

Sicily offers a wealth of experiences that blend natural beauty with historical intrigue. Here are some must-see attractions:

Mount Etna: Hike Europe’s highest and most active volcano for breathtaking views and unique landscapes.
Piazza Duomo: Visit this UNESCO World Heritage site featuring the stunning Catania Cathedral and the iconic Elephant Fountain.
La Pescheria Market: Experience the vibrant local culture at this bustling fish market, perfect for tasting fresh seafood.
Via Etnea: Stroll along this main shopping street lined with baroque architecture, shops, cafes, and historic buildings.
Teatro Massimo Bellini: Enjoy an evening of opera or ballet in this beautiful 19th-century theatre.
Ognina Waterfront: Savour an almond granita in the stunning landscape of a lava beach.
Acitrezza: Explore this charming small fishing village famous for its Faraglioni, stunning volcanic sea stacks known as the Cyclopean Isles due to their connection to ancient Greek mythology.
Taormina: Get lost in the alleyways of Taormina and enjoy a show in the ancient Greek theatre with the backdrop of the sea and the volcano.

Where to Stay in Sicily

A Casa Nostra in Catania

Casa Nostra thrilled offers to a fantastic new living solution that perfectly blends comfort, convenience, and the vibrant charm of Sicily. Welcome to A Casa Nostra in Catania – your next home away from home!

A Casa Nostra

Why Choose A Casa Nostra?

Prime Location: Nestled in the heart of Catania, A Casa Nostra places you within walking distance of the city’s historic sites, bustling markets, and delightful cafes. Whether you’re craving a morning espresso or an evening stroll by the coast, everything you need is just a stone’s throw away.
Cosy Accommodations: Each stay at A Casa Nostra offers a unique blend of traditional Sicilian architecture and modern amenities. Enjoy spacious rooms with comfortable beds and private bathrooms, fully equipped kitchens, and high-speed internet to keep you connected and productive.
Community Vibes: One of the standout features of A Casa Nostra is its community atmosphere. Share experiences and create memories with fellow nomads in the communal areas or participate in local events and activities organized by your hosts. Learn how to make traditional arancini or homemade pasta, and taste sausages prepared in a very traditional way: roasted in a hot roof tile!
Work-Friendly Environment: With dedicated workspaces and high-speed Wi-Fi, A Casa Nostra ensures you have everything you need to stay productive. The serene environment is perfect for focus during the day and relaxation in the evenings.
Local Experiences: Immerse yourself in the rich culture and history of Catania. From exploring Mount Etna to savoring authentic Sicilian cuisine, A Casa Nostra serves as a gateway to unforgettable experiences.

Stays in Sicily

Book A Casa Nostra at Nomad Stays.

Enjoy Catania and the Surroundings:

-Mount Etna
-Piazza Duomo
– La Pescheria Market
– Via Etnea
– Teatro Massimo Bellini**
– Ognina Waterfront
– Acitrezza
– Taormina

Sicily is a vibrant and welcoming destination for digital nomads, offering the perfect blend of work and leisure. With its affordable living, rich culture, and beautiful landscapes, it’s no wonder more remote workers are choosing Sicily as their base. Ready to pack your bags and set off for an unforgettable Sicilian adventure? Book your stay at A Casa Nostra today and experience the perfect blend of work and leisure.

This Blog was collated by a local stay owner in Sicily with real local recommendations of places to see, stay and do. Thank you to Flavia and her family offering these great recommendations. You can stay with Casa Nostra and live like a local in Sicily for a month or two.

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