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Tips for international travellers during corona 19

Tips for nomads by nomads currently travelling

It’s July 2021 we are all doing the Summer thing somewhere in Europe and for some of us in Eastern Europe. Some of us are crossing borders and others are staying put in there favouite loccation and exploring more. These tips are from a nomad who recently arrived in Bansko Bulgaria he’s a Lawyer by profession and has some really great trips for travellers. We recently interviewed Mohamad Sabbah live on Nomad Stays Instagram on ‘Meet The Nomad’ So you can listen to his story here. Or keep reading to discover his five tips for international travellers. Before we get into the tips,  first let me tell you a little about Bansko and why it is a great location for digital nomads.

A Nomad in Bansko Bulgaria…

Bansko is a Ski Resort town at the base of the Pirin Mountains. A hotspot for adventure seekers all year round not just in the peak Ski season. Why? I hear you ask…well, thanks to Coworking Bansko the very first coworking space in Bansko about 5 years ago opened up in this town to attract digital nomads and it became a place to explore for digital nomads.

Since then other coworking spaces and coliving spaces have opened up and I think Brexit helped as well. Having been here two years ago for three months and coming back we really noticed the difference.  The place has really gone ahead in just the last few years. In a time were COVID 19 was closing coworking places Bansko was opening them.

Most people come for a month and stay for three months some evens set up as ex-pats. It’s easy living, affordable accommodation and lots of coworking spaces to get busy with your business working remotely or, biking, hiking, climbing, it’s basically one big adventure playground with great communities to connect with.

Where to Stay – Four Leaf Clover Coliving Coworking

Here are some tips from a digital nomad who is living on site.

5 Tips for Travellers

Everyone experiences something different when they travel that is why these tips are unique. We hope that these tips help you Traveling during COVID 19 is variable, to say the least. Keep in mind when you are travelling to be flexible because what is being said on mainstream media is not always what is happening on the ground. Keep an open mind and be safe.

#1 Verify if your hotel still exists or active


Recently I booked a hotel room online and when I arrived, the hotel was closed due to Corona 19. I recommend calling the hotel in advance, or you will never see your monies again. Mention that you are planning to book it at a certain price from the site, sometimes they match it for you and occasionally go lower!

#2 Contact your bank

Personal Banking

Tell your bank you are travelling abroad otherwise they will block your card. It is considered exceptionally unusual to travel in these trying times. Recently they blocked my apple pay and both my bank and apple accused the other for the blockage. Save yourself a major headache and just give your bank a heads up.

#3 Your nationality might be scrutinized

Clarify the status of your nationality before travelling. Last year September, despite me being a UAE resident I was banned from travelling to Bulgaria because I was an American citizen! When I read the rules I thought they meant US citizens residing in the US but they literally meant all Americans worldwide… Unfair? 100% yes! Now things are obviously better but it’s important to double-check the meaning of the rules by calling the embassy in question.

#4 Don’t use exchange offices!

exchange booth

Most exchange offices are rip off especially now during Corona (Excluding the fact that some might give you fake monies). Developing countries are craving to have access to western currency due to its stability. Go to a cash machine if you are withdrawing a huge amount of a foreign local currency. The charge level of withdrawal is far lower than an exchange office.

#5 Travelling back home

Plan an alternative if you are planning to return home and the country you are visiting no longer travels directly to your home country. Travel requirements in each region and country differ especially transit flights. Check the requirements as they are continuously changing by the minute. Be flexible and resourceful and you will discover opportunities.

Bonus Tip!

Use Coworking Spaces to connect

As a RegTech Startup founder I look for tech communities to connect with around the world as I travel to help me grow my net works and connect with other founders. Coworking spaces are a great and they all have a specific niche they look to attract. Some focus on tech others on digital nomads others on freelancers others on startups some are a mixture. But the benefit is connecting with community.

If you want some comprehensive super bonus tips, on how to prepare your home before you leave on your trip, so check these tips.

These tips bought to you by By Mohamad Sabbah  – CEO of Direct Ventres

Where to next?…

A note from the Nomad Stays team. So we are curious…Where are you going next? As some countries start to lock down again, be sure to check the latest restrictions in your location. If you have not decided yet then go to the Nomad Stays website and find a stay that suits your, budget, adventure or finds something off the beaten track that you have not explored yet. We are here to help you discover something new and most of all find something affordable.

Just as a heads up, Nomad Stays is not like any other booking platform out there, because you start the journey with us before you know where you are going not after you decide where you are going. It’s specifically for nomads and the best way to use it is to go there before you decide where you want to go. There are great deals in places off the beaten track for you to explore and more arrive every week. Nomad Stays is here to help you explore the world while working from anywhere.

Come over and Join our community! and share your journey 

Adventure on!

With love Linda McCall

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