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How to create the right mindset for being a digital nomad

In another excellent episode of “meets the nomad’s” interviews as we go to the Balkans to meet Leroy, a mindset coach, and digital nomad.
In this interview, we spoke to Leroy about what made him realise he wanted to be a digital nomad; you will learn what he looks for when he plans a trip and some of his favourite activities. He shares with us what are some of his favourite experiences as a nomad and much more… If you are not one to read, then watch the full interview on our Instagram or our youtube here:

Introduce yourself

I’m Leroy; I’m a mindset coach and a digital nomad.
I started about 6 years ago with my business, a few years later, when my own business was going a little bit better, I decided to live the nomad lifestyle.
Now I combine work and travelling with each other and build around some other passions, and yeah, make the best out of life.

Where are you right now?

I’m right now in Split, which is in Croatia.

Croatia. Here is a little random history of the country just to give perspective and a picture of the past and how it is today. Dating back to the arrival of the Croats in the 6th century. Croatia was first internationally recognised as independent on 7 June 879. By the time the first king was appointed in 925, it had caused the elevation of Croatia’s status, and it was then officially a kingdom.

Today, Croatia has one of the most enviable and lively lifestyles in the world, with sun-soaked island life to world-renowned mountain life, and UNESCO protected parks.

The Croatians place considerable value on spending quality time with family and friends. The Croatians relish a good cup of coffee in the Dalmatian sunshine. The waterfront cafes of most coastal towns are regularly filled with socialising kava drinkers. With such a history behind them, they’re a solid vibrant culture. It’s safe to travel with a little Bulkan wildness thrown in to make it interesting.

When did you realise the nomad lifestyle was for you?

I like to travel, I did a backpacking journey before, which was terrific, and actually, that was the moment I realised, when I was backpacking…
I was like, okay, maybe there are other possibilities as well to make a combination and live a different lifestyle.

That’s where I was stepping into entrepreneurship as well as it gives you more freedom, so I made a plan to start my own company with the passion I have.
When I came back from the backpacking trip, that’s where I started after a while, I got the freedom, so it’s not like I need to travel; it’s just the feeling of freedom; to me, that’s what’s important.
Mountain hiking with Leroy

Did you go straight into entrepreneurship?

I never had the dream to become an entrepreneur until I had the backpacking trip, even before the trip I planned to get an office job or like a 9‑5, nothing wrong with that either. But during the backpacking trip, my perspective changed and I was like okay maybe I can do something else as well.

What is one thing you look for when you plan a trip?

One thing I’ve started looking for is future home bases, like places I want to come back to because I like it so much….
For example, Split was interesting to me because it’s a beach city, which I like, I like mountains which are close by as well, so I can go hiking.
Also, if we look at the population, it’s not really small, but it’s also not too big. So something in the middle is also nice.

So that is, for example why I chose to come here and check this place out.

Do you try new activities everywhere you go?

Yeah, for example, I always try to think in more location independent things to do, so let’s say separate location exercises.

I like running because I just need my running shoes, and the same is for yoga, I have like a folded yoga mat, so this can be a good tip for other people also, I like to do callisthenics… I can do that everywhere, like in my apartment. So I look mostly for these things because it’s much more convenient and it keeps you healthy as well. This is another challenge for nomads because you are travelling all around, so it’s more difficult to get into your routines directly in a new place. Also dancing, I recently started dancing, it’s becoming one of my biggest passions, I can talk a lot about it.

What has been your favourite experience as a nomad?

….The best experience is meeting loads of people and hearing their stories, especially about their culture…..

It’s really hard to say like one thing, but it’s more like the feeling.

Have you seen any ‘hidden gems’?

Before Croatia, I came from Albania… so the interesting thing there is that like, even in the capital, they only speak Albanian.
It was nice to experience it while it was hidden, no foreigners, almost no nomads.

Any last words of advice?

Don’t limit yourself, there are so many options to create more freedom in your life, even not as a nomad, just in one place.
I think that’s something to keep in mind if you want to be focused on that and work towards it in small steps.

A big thank you to Leroy for joining us!
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