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The Future of Travel

What’s new this week with the future of travel? Certainly, a lot changes every day. So like to keep you up to date with what happening not only with travel but the business that affects travellers. Mark is the founder of Nomad Stays and an award-winning businessman in the travel industry. He’s always interested in global business, so he shares some great insights with you in his updates. He’s an Australian Based in France because that is where the biggest numbers of tourism are, with 80 million visitors per year travelling to France per year. That was before COVID, however, compared to Australia; the numbers are huge, so it is best to be where your market is most active. So here we are!

Here is what Mark covers in this 20-minute video UPDATE.

  • The Future of Travel #18 – 12 October. 
  • CommonPass app
    • Travelling Cathay & United

The purpose of CommonPass is to allow travellers to document their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border, giving both the traveller and the country assurance that safe travelling is taking place.

  • New country openings
    • St Kitts and Nevis
      • PCR test 72 hours before and again after arrival
    • Travel bubbles still trying to be established by Australia incl with Singapore
  • New initiatives
    • Vending machines are becoming popular
    • For many goods in hotels etc.
    • No longer seen as sub-human
  • State of Emergency


Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. Gunfire 9pm-5am curfew

  • New Lockdowns





  • Tighter redistricting on masks etc. in
    • Poland red and amber zones
    • Western Australia does not open until April 2021
    • Melbourne still struggling to
    • Qantas no international until July 2021
  • Digital.Euro
    • Counteract Libra from FB
    • No mention of crypto-based or not
    • Study begins soon
  • Golden Visas in Portugal to stop in
    • Lisbon
    • Porto
  • European
    •  the largest marine protected area rolls out in Scotland
  • Canary Islands
    • Lots of African immigrants. So be aware of increased police patrols
  • New locations
    • Croatia
    • Greece
    • Japan


So where are you working today since you can work from anywhere?

Last week we did a podcast with a founder from the USA, and it was interesting to hear that as he rapidly grows his company, they quickly implemented a FAST Flex work agreement so that their team could work from anywhere. This is just one example of what the future looks like for tech businesses. No longer needing to have a physical place to have their staff.

Fortunately, today we have platforms to help us keep teams stay connected, and instant messaging is the new norm as is platforms like Slack, WhatsApp and Telegram, Signal, zoom. Whereby etc. and the rest as the list goes on and on as all these innovations help us stay connected. Now more than ever, it is easy to build global teams.

The slow traveller’s movement

As a new slow travel movement emerges Yoann the host of International Consulting Podcast talks with Mark Phillips the Founder of Nomad Stays and a glob trotting digital nomad, Chartered accountant and serial entrepreneur chat about the trends of slow travel becoming the conscious traveller’s way.

As remote teams become the norm Mark shares how he manages a team of freelancers working with us from Serbia, Thailand, Russia, Germany and France, and we are fortunate to have them all. As Nomad Stays grows, the team grows with us. Most of our team members are digital nomads, and we are always on the lookout for new talent to help us grow.

Mark recently spoke with Yoann about the new wave of longer stays and the shift in the market to allow for more affordable longer stays.

See the latest interview with the founder Mark Phillips.

Join us…

We are a growing force as digital nomads and remote working becomes the new lifestyle choice. Out of the office and exploring the world. Join us as a member and see our newest stays. Now active in over 18 countries and growing daily.

If your looking for a community while you travel we have you covered, with our remote coworking and our digital nomad explores communities helping you as you stretch your wings and start to explore a new way of life as a slow traveller.

Join us next week for more on the Future of Travel.

Mark is the Founder of Nomad Stays. He is an Australian entrepreneur and traveller who has explored over 100 countries. A keen adventure motorcyclist he rode the Silk Road for his 50th birthday, has backpacked throughout Africa a number of times and visited many Pacific Islands.Trained as a Chartered Accountant and having worked in the tech industry for giants including Apple and Microsoft, he has a unique insight into the impacts of technology and business. His first travel company, MudMaps, enjoyed numerous industry awards and taking thousands of clients from around the world into the Australian outback.Mark has lived as a digital nomad for over 9 years and is currently mainly in Europe.

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