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The Future of Travel

Join Mark the Founder of Nomad Stays for this weeks updates

Mark is a businessman and that loves to travel and now lives his life for the last half a decade as a digital nomad.

During COVID 19 he began sharing a live mixture of business and the travel to keep you up to date and thinking more about your business.

Mark is an Australian living in France. Living while in Shut down and then travel while he can. Beginning a digital nomad working and travelling takes a certain type of mindset and to make it successful take experience and a business mind. A Chartered Accountant by profession who shifted into the tech industry with some of the biggest tech names in the world. Coming from Apple and Microsoft he has been has a very big business background. So when it comes to travel, business and tech follow Mark on Twitter it is where he hangs out the most.

What is in this chat:

The Future of Travel #18 – 12 October.

• CommonPass app ○ Trialing Cathay & United The purpose of CommonPass is to allow travellers to document their COVID-19 status electronically and present it when they board a plane or cross a border, giving both the traveller and the country assurance that safe travelling is taking place. • New country openings ○ St Kitts and Nevis § PCR test 72 hours before and again after arrival ○ Travel bubbles still trying to be established by Australia incl with Singapore • New initiatives ○ Vending machines are becoming popular ○ For many goods in hotels etc. • State of Emergency Madrid Bishkek in Kyrgyzstan. Gunfire 9 pm-5 am curfew • New Lockdowns Marseille Paris Lyon? Israel • Tighter redistricting on masks etc in ○ Poland red and amber zones ○ Western Australia not open until April 2021 ○ Melbourne still struggling to ○ Qantas no international until July 2021 • Digital. Euro ○ Counteract Libra from FB ○ No mention of crypto-based or not ○ Study begins soon • Golden Visas in Portugal to stop in ○ Lisbon ○ Porto • European ○ largest marine protected area rolls out in Scotland • New locations ○ Croatia ○ Greece ○ Japan


Now that you can work from anywhere where will you work from next?

We talk to digital nomads all over the world and it’s great to know they are still traveling! People are wanting to know where they can go and what is worth checking out for a month and we have you covered. Currently with nomad stays and as a DIY Nomad you can travel and stay in Nomad friendly stays in over twenty countries so that is two years of country hoping right there!

Imagine slow traveling to 12 countries each year.

Hey not all counties are you thing that is ok, but if you don’t explore them you will never know. Since moving to Europe with our dog (he’s been to 11 countries in just one year) and we found some countries are great others are not for digital nomads. We do our very best to bring you an easy cheap option to travel rather than spending double or quadruple that.

You can do it on your own and once you get the taste of it you learn and you want more! right!

I am guessing if you are reading this I am sure you are not one to need convincing.

Join Us

Since the begining of COVID we also started a community over on FB so that we can help you discover more easily.

come an join us over at our community and join in the fun.

See you there!

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