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The Future of Travel Updates

The future of travel updates is brought to you by Mark Phillips the Founder of Nomad Stays.

See Twitter Live Update Video HERE 

Mark Phillips is a businessman first and a traveller he loves to share his knowledge with you. He’s a chartered accountant and had a daily global view of what’s happening in the world.

An Australian currently based in France in the French Alps Mark is watching the changes and what he shares with Travel, business and the Corona Virus.

Live on Twitter

Thursday, May 6, 2021, HERE

4:53 PM Video goes for 29Mins 10Secs

Tips on Planning your Travels for the next few months:

Countries are all opening at different times so it takes extra time and effort to plan your travels so it is important to take advantage of opportunity:

  • Travel Bubbles expanding. Mainly for citizens. But check the difference for residents
  • Citizens from North Macedonia, Albania and Turkey
  • US opening to the UK around 16 May
  • Exact rules are changing daily
  • 14 days after full vaccination
  • Vaccination with test (e.g lateral flow 5 min test on the borders)
  • PCR Test (no Vacc)
  • Residents vs selected foreigners
  • Indian visitors prevented from entering Australia – (incl. Australian citizens)
  • 48-72 hours
  • 48-72 hours before departure
  • 48-72 hours before arrival
  • Border checks are mixed
  • Vacc Passports are varying
  • Trials of software from countries (Israel)
  • No universal or even EU wide yetInteroperability and Data sharing not set
    • When you get to your destination
  • State by state differences
  • Eg German preventing non-business visits
  • Restaurants opening mid-May in France
  • Watch your Visa times too
  • There’s less opportunity to stay longer term
  • Extra vigilance for the new Nomad Visa countries -beware of the tax grab
  • I Will delve deeper in another session but it boils down to Double tax Agreements
  • Be prepared for heavy bookings
  • Rates are already rising
  • Cancellation policies may begin changing again with a spike of summer demand in the EU
  • Be prepared for scams = lots more desperate people about


Looking for business support and while you travel. or join our SandTracks remote coworking. 

We created this group during Covid for those of you who could not get to a coworking space and for coworking spaces to connect and share globally.

Story – Nomad Stays

We went live about 15 months old now and then within the same time frame, COVID and lockdown occurred. Where we were staying in the French Alpes we had booked just for one week and within a few days of lockdown lucky for this stay we ended up staying for a Year. We kept this little regional stay open, and that is what we are all about keeping regional off the beaten track places gites and unexplored areas on the map for people to explore.

A Pioneer in affordable longer stays is NOMADSTAYS

Built by nomads for nomads.

Based on the experience of over 100+ countries and a series of successful travel businesses. For people with a hunger for serious adventure

        • Australian outback
        • African Sahara
        • The fun of climbing Kilimanjaro and then doing business consulting in the evening
        • Jumping off a motorbike from China to review a MedTech company in Barcelona


One of the features we like to highlight for nomads is a super-fast booking engine along with:

  • Lots of truly great deals
  • Direct relationship with Stays
  • (many others are simple affiliates of expensive rental platforms)
  • We do internet guaranteed
  • Many with independent testing of the speeds
  • Work areas are mandatory
  • Making it easier and faster to find and book a great work Stay

Side Note About Remote Jobs

As founders and nomads, we are seeing a big growth in remote opportunities. Some of which are as follows:

  • Businesses doing it tough are using cheaper labour
  • No single leader in  contracting or jobs market
  • Need to be on a few
  • Focus on Selling skills needed. Interestingly as personal relationships now harder

 Tips for global explorers:

Start yourself a List

  • Airtable
  • Trello
  • Excel – great
  • Get yourself some good news sources
  • Find some good Testing facilities en route to your target countries
  • Look for triggers
  • Watch for hospitalisation usage
  • Update your plan get use to change in general
  • Pack your masks and hand sanitiser
  • Top up your nutrition
  • Have a Plan B & C Think a little further ahead. Go enjoy yourself and meet great people and do great business

Join The Community #DIYNOMAD

Our community is built for you the ‘Do It Yourself Nomad’ who likes to travel and work from anywhere.

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