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Taghazout, Morocco Africa-the perfect base for digital nomads

Lost in Flip Flops in Morocco Africa

Taghazout isn’t just one of the best places in Morocco to work remotely, but it’s also a popular destination for surfers and yogis from all over the world.

A charming fishing village with its beautiful golden sand beaches, plenty of cafés and restaurants, and coworking space is a digital destination to keep an eye on.

There are plenty of other reasons to consider Taghazout when choosing your next digital nomad destination, including great weather, affordable accommodation and a chilled-out atmosphere. These are only some of the things that make Taghazout a perfect base for digital nomads.

Beach at Taghazut

Cafes & Wifi Option

However, If you decide to work from a café or a beachfront bar, you may experience slow internet speeds, so I recommend that you get a prepaid SIM card to ensure you’re always connected to the Internet.

There are 3 mobile network operators- Maroc Telecom, Orange and Inwi; and all of them offer similar plans. If you only need the Internet, you can choose one of the following  packages:

  • 500MB costs 5 DH (about 50 cents) with a net duration of 1 day
  • 1GB costs 10 DH (about 1€ ) with a net duration of 3 days
  • 2GB costs 20 DH (about 2€)  with a net duration of 7 days
  • 5GB costs 25 DH (2,5€) with a net duration of 7 days
  • 5GB costs 50 DH (5 €) with a net duration of 30 days
  • 10GB costs 100 DH (10€) with a net duration of 30 days
What I did arrive in Morocco…

When I first came to Morocco, I bought an Orange SIM card, but I soon realized that it doesn’t have good coverage, so I decided to go with another company – Maroc Telecom, which has the best coverage in the country and the biggest market share. Having the Maroc Telecom SIM CARD is also more convenient since you can buy it at any of Maroc Telecom stores and recharge it there or in a kiosk or a grocery store.

Coworking In Taghazout

Even though many digital nomads choose cafés and beachfront bars as their office, many others prefer coworking spaces. If you’re one of them, you should visit Sun Desk, a coworking space where you can meet fellow digital nomads from all over the world.

Taghazout is not only the perfect base for digital nomads but also for anyone who wants to enjoy the laid-back vibe, relax on the beach, go surfing, sign up for yoga classes and retreats or simply watch the sunset. And, that’s not all!

Cultural Moroccan Food Experience

If you’re craving some delicious food, there are plenty of choices for everyone’s budget. However, for a magical rooftop dining experience, you should visit The Favela Restaurant. They serve a variety of fresh local seafood as well as Moroccan and Mediterranean dishes.  It’s definitely one of my favourite restaurants in this part of Morocco, along with Let’s Be, a vegan restaurant that serves super delicious organic foods, which is located in Tamraght, just a few minutes drive away from Taghazout.

Since we all know that food is the best way to get to know a new culture, make sure that you don’t miss trying traditional food in a local restaurant.

Moroccan cuisine offers a variety of dishes, including couscous, tagine- lamb or beef with prunes and harira soup. Moroccans also eat a lot of sweets made from almonds and honey.

While all of these dishes are delicious; the Moroccan breakfast is extraordinary. It normally includes olives, Harsha (fried flatbreads made from semolina), honey, amlou (a kind of liquid peanut butter made from almonds and argan oil), Beghrir (pancakes made from semolina), Moroccan tea, orange juice and coffee. Is there any better way to start a day?

On top of that, you can have some fun and enjoy a lively atmosphere in nearby Agadir, which is Morocco’s largest beach resort. It’s also home to Souk El Had, one of the biggest and most wonderful souks in Morocco where you can find almost everything you can think of. And, remember that bargaining is a must if you want to get a good price.

Explore More because it’s never finished…

Finally, my favourite place in Agadir where I loved to have a coffee or a cocktail is Riad Villa Blanche ( It’s a boutique hotel with an amazing garden and a pool, which offers tranquillity and peacefulness. All you can hear here is the birds chirping sound.

If you’re looking to focus on work but also relax and get your surf on, then Taghazout is the place for you. This pretty village has all you need to get your work done while enjoying a relaxing environment.

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Marina in Taghazut


Marina Obradovic

Digital Nomad of six years, from Serbia

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